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Today we're going to learn from Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor and their motivation. Floyd is goin down in history with the perfect record of 50-0, how can u not appreciate that..Conor is lucky he hasnt faced killer opponents in lightweight division, cause he aint gonna face those killers... Ure full of nonsense too dumb dumb bway, end of story.

Anyone saying he should never box again is just hating and if this is what he can do with a years training who knows how good he would be with say one more years training,dude is a beast. This timeline is where you'll spend most of your time, getting instant updates about what matters to you.

I knew I was going to get here, they didn't. Summary : PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION The original of this video was deleted by Youtube ( explain on my Facebook page) it has 326 239 views, 4352 likes and 278.. CONOR McGREGOR has revealed he is to star in a new documentary about his career ahead of the Floyd Mayweather mega-fight.

Summary : Word Hard "Sports Motivation", best motivational speech video for athletes. Summary : For the ultimate videos on Motivation, Lifestyle, Success, Education visit us @ Facebook:.. Floyd "Money" Mayweather needs a bit more of his nickname before he can pay the IRS.

Summary : DELEON Motivation uses this channel to help spread floyd mayweather boxing only the best motivation found throughout youtube. Conor talking about Floyd adjusting and switchin because he was getting smoked early. Floyd Mayweather: Just looking at my life, I don't think most people could handle being in my shoes.

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